Weekly Puzzles 




Orville Giguiento

"Start of a Workday"


Tony Hilscher

"Yampa Sparkle"


Richie Vios - "SAM Museum" 

Watercolor 12x24

01/19 - 01/23

Denise Labadie-

"Passage at Knowth


Oberg, Smith, Whitcomb, Young

"Four Directions- Common Paths"

Bonnie Zahn Grifith

 "Sapporo on Tap"

Jackie Grimaldi & Madeleine Vail

"Routt County Fair"

Ginger Gehres

"Pawtrait of a Black Bear"

Richard Galusha- Four Bears

Nancy Perricone – “SAM Store”

Chula Beauregard- “Mid-Valley Morning”

Denise Labadie- “Eightercua Stone Row”

Rod Hanna – “Roping a Ride”

David M. Taylor- “Up, Up and Away”

Jackie Grimaldi and Madeleine Vail

Explore Ad- Art of the Quilt

Denise Labadie- "Monastic Ruin at Glendalough

Susan Jane Franklin Jones- "Hats and Patches"

Dennis Pendleton- "Front Yard"

The Art of the Quilt

David M. Taylor- "Welcome Home"

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