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Josh Been

Landscape Source to Studio: Steamboat Springs, CO


September 26 to 29, 2020


Plein air paint with me, Joshua Been around Steamboat Springs, CO at the end of September. There should still be plenty of golden aspen leaves among the beautiful groves, as well as intimate creeks, cascades, rivers, and distant peaks. The area checks all the boxes of fun things to paint in the higher elevations of Colorado, including, yet unlikely, snow.

On-location landscape painting is a translation process from the four dimensional space-time we occupy in the present environment, to a two dimensional surface. This process is largely self correcting if we, in earnest, attempt to create an illusion of the scene we’re experiencing. The read-ability or convincing-ness of the illusion, or lack there of, in the result of our toil and attention, should be a gauge revelatory of our fundamental understanding and fluency in Visual Language. Fluency in Visual Language is the foundation I can confidently strengthen in most painter’s level of understanding. For the physical practice, the discipline and curiosity driven hours behind the brush required, I can give only the guidance to improve their effectiveness, in order to catalyze growth.

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Josh Been

Painting Demo and Lecture: Steamboat Springs, CO


September 29, 2020 9am-1pm


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